vote rigging: we kenyans want the truth


These Kenyans you can see in this photo left their houses in darkness, spend many houses queuing in the sun, opted not to go about other important things in their life in order to discharge their constitutional duty, to vote.

Yes, the turn out was fantastic and the voting exercises was peaceful. Yet the vote counting and the reporting process was to put it diplomatically, a fiasco. A big question mark surrounds Kibaki’s victory. The credibility of ECK has been brought in to question. The process was at best flawed.

Kenyans deserve and want the truth. If you believe that you deserve the truth and that justice and rule of law must be upheld, then stand up and be counted. Read the case and append your name to this petition..


The Chief Observer of the EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM), Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Member of the European Parliament, issued the following statement about the announcement of the winner of the presidential election in the Republic of Kenya:

” ……With a view to the presidential elections, however, we believe that, at this time, the ECK, despite the best efforts of its chairman, has not succeeded in establishing the credibility of the tallying process to the satisfaction of all parties and candidates.

We regret that it has not been possible to address irregularities about which both the EU EOM and the ECK have evidence. The result for the Molo constituency, for example, was announced in the presence of EU EOM Observers at the constituency tally center as 50.145 votes for President Kibaki, while the ECK today declared the result for the President to be 75.261 votes. Because of this and other observed irregularities, some doubt remains as to the accuracy of the result of the presidential election as announced today.”

The New York Times reported ‘….Kenya’s president was declared the winner of a deeply flawed election. …..One Western ambassador said that Western diplomats tried for hours on Sunday to persuade the election commission to do a re-tally of the vote figures using original results but that the commission refused.

“This was rigged,” the ambassador said’

We can go on and on and on, but the evidence is overwhelming. Do you as a patriotic kenyan need to know the truth behind the figures, as evidenced by the relevant documents?

Then append your name below and take a stand.


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